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William Groves MD

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  • Lake Charles, LA 70605
  • 337-480-5530

    J.William Groves, Jr., MD

    Obstetrics and Gynecology

    Our Specialties

    General & High Risk Obstetrics

    Pregnancy and birth are natural, but problems can occur. All pregnant women should receive prenatal care as early as possible. Call today to schedule your appointment.

    General Gynecology

    Your wellness exam takes just a few minutes out of the year, and it could save your life. Please take a moment to read over this Patient Information Letter for more information.

    Gynecological Surgery

    We offer a full range of general gynecological surgeries including pelvic and incontinence surgery, minimally invasive surgeries, endometrial ablations, and office procedures. Contact us for more information.

    Minimally Invasive Hysterectomy

    A Laparoscopic hysterectomy is a less invasive approach to one of the most common surgeries among women in the United States. This surgery is done to remove a woman’s uterus and, in some cases, the fallopian tubes and ovaries as well.

    Watch Our New Pregnancy Informational Videos Today!

    FullScript Supplements And Health Protocols

    Dr. Groves has partnered with FullScript: an online dispensing platform that ships high-quality supplements to your front door. This collaborative effort will allow for easy access to physician-formulated supplements that help fill in the nutritional gaps in your diet.

    With FullScript, we give you convenient, 24/7 access to pharmaceutical-grade supplements. It’s easy. We send a recommendation to your device, you purchase your supplements, and FullScript ships the products to your front door.

    We Are Excited To Announce Our New Scar Gel, “Conceal”

    It has been created using a science based approach to wound healing. It features evidence-based ingredients in a ilicone base which is often used by plastic surgeons to promote proper moisture and healing.

    Conceal will be supplied to all of our surgical patients, and it is available to anyone for $25 inclusive of tax. One airless treatment pump container will treat most incisions for 1-3 months as recommended – beginning 1-2 weeks post operatively.

    Come by or call our office at (337) 480-5530 or email to purchase. It can be shipped to your location if needed, using standard rates.

    Watch Our Surgical Information Videos Today!

    Join Our Waiting List

    In our practice, we strive for excellence in care and patient service. Prior to multiple Ob/Gyns retiring or leaving the area we were already full and not accepting new patients. As we are balancing service to our community and caring for our existing patients, we are not currently accepting new patients for routine care. If you would like to be placed on a call list in the event we open up spots, please complete the form below.

      What Our Patients Say

      "Dr. Groves is the BEST! I had such a positive experience with him & his office staff throughout my prenatal care, delivery & postpartum care."


      Emilee Perry

      "Best gyno I’ve ever had! I’ve been with Dr. Groves for 13 years and can’t see myself going anywhere else. He is patient and very thorough."


      Candice Trail

      "A M A Z I N G! He’s delivered 2 of my 3 current children and will be delivering my 4th. His care in the office as well as his bedside manners are nothing short of amazing. He truly cares and HIGHLY recommend!"


      Jasmine Moore

      "Dr. Groves is the BEST. He has great bed-side manner and delivered my two children with the best care. He also has great staff who genuinely care about you. I highly recommend him."


      Taylor Champagne

      "Dr. Groves is hands down the BEST doctor I’ve ever had. He is knowledgeable, kind, caring, and cautious. I had some challenges with my first pregnancy and he made sure both baby and I were taken care of. If there was an issue with my tests, he called me personally to reassure me. The office staff was also top notch. I recently had my second child after moving across the country and I found myself saying “I miss Dr. Groves” throughout the entirety of the pregnancy. Couldn’t recommend him more!"


      Kia Vantaggi

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